Who I am and what I offer…

I’m a Yoga teacher currently based in Glasgow, offering classical Hatha instruction. Having trained with the Sivananda tradition, I also draw upon my training in Yoga for Over 50s and Accessible Yoga to make the practice more approachable for a variety of student needs.

currently teaching one to one sessions, and I am also starting to teach in a few studios locally.

I aim to incoroprate as many aspects of yoga as I can into a practice session, to gear it to the student’s needs but also to give them effective experience in the more subtle limbs of practice (Pranayama, Meditation etc)

I also co-facilitate sound journeys, retreats and workshops with other teachers in Scotland.

In my spare time I enjoy creating music and CDs for fun, relaxation and Nidra practice.

What inspired me…

I’ll never forget the warm impression Yoga made on me via the influence of dreams – right after my first beginners class back in 2012 I had a very warm and welcoming dream where friends and family were simply filling the street outside my home in a big line to give me a hug – I thought “if I have dreams like this after doing Yoga then it must be good!”

Yet it wasn’t until learning Lucid Dreaming with teacher Charlie Morley using the Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep Approach – drawing on the wisdom and perspectives of the Dream Yoga lineage found in Tibetan Buddhism as well as Western Psychological insights and understanding – that I found myself profoundly driven towards the path of sharing and teaching this ancient knowledge.

Having had precious few lucid dreaming experiences prior to this retreat – I returned home and began experiencing regular lucidity virtually every night consistently week after week.

The Lucid Dreams placed me on a path that encouraged me forward to actually becoming a Yoga Teacher and connecting to living traditions – which I did about a year later!

The Future….

I am currently enrolled on the Para Yoga Master Training Curriculum and aim to certify as a Level I Para Yoga teacher by 2020.

I also enjoy studying and drawing upon the traditions of Tai Chi, Qigong and the classical Dream Yoga teachings.

You can read more about the goals of Lucid Yoga